The 10 Things You MUST Do If You’re Having a Tent Wedding from Brides.com


As we head into Oklahoma’s most beautiful time of year, I think it’s fitting that we talk about one the very best ways to celebrate your big day in the great Oklahoma outdoors…with a TENT! Brides.com kicks off this series with their Top 10 take on tents.

There are plenty of reasons brides, grooms, and planners alike love tented weddings — the ambience, the cozy intimate air, and the whole party (and all the wedding décor) is safe from the elements! But erecting a wedding structure isn’t like putting together the tent you and your fiancé use when you go camping. It takes a lot of work, and requires just as much preparation and planning. For example: Love the look of a clear top tent? While a see-through structure (like the one above, decorated by famous planner Mindy Weiss) is great at bringing the outdoors in at your event, it also acts as a greenhouse, trapping warm air and posing a threat to those wilt-able flowers. Or perhaps you’re worried that your tent might be too big for your party size? Add warm lighting to make a massive tent appear cozy and intimate. To get started on planning your own canopied big day, take note of these 10 other need-to-know things about tented weddings.

1. A tent is an investment in your decor.

Renting a tent is expensive (starting at $1,500 for 100 guests), and you’re on the hook for all the décor, rentals, and equipment it takes to turn raw space into an inviting room.

2. Pick a model.

Pole tents have peaks, created by center poles, and are vinyl or sailcloth. Structure and frame tents have an open steel shell that can support heavy equipment like big speakers. Clear tops are sleek and modern.

3. Find the right spot.


Focus on the view and the scale of the tent in relation to the surroundings. (It shouldn’t swallow the entire plot of land!) And don’t forget to find a flat surface at least 10 feet from any building (for stakes).

4. Ask about your venue’s rules before you book. 

Can you stake directly into the ground? Are there noise restrictions? When can you start setting up? This one’s crucial because erecting a tent can take one to four days.

5. Reserve it early.

Rental companies have a limited supply of styles and sizes, so book one as soon as you finalize your date and have a good idea of the guest count — no later than six months before the wedding.

6. Get the proper size.

A tent that’s too big or too small can mess up the flow and vibe of your party. As a general rule, figure 18 square feet of tent per person for a seated dinner and dancing.

7. Have a rain plan — and don’t forget the walls!

In perfect weather, you can leave the tent open. But if you need to keep the outdoors out, have wall paneling ready and a plan that can be put into action quickly.

8. Consider flooring.

Grass is your cheapest option, but if you don’t want the ladies to ruin their heels, cover the ground with wood flooring, sisal carpet, or Astroturf (an affordable option) in a neutral hue

9. Think hard about the temperature.


Trust us: Nothing is worse than being trapped inside a tent with no AC in August. Depending on your date, you may need air conditioners or heaters to keep everyone comfortable.

10. Do a sound check.

Music will be nice and loud on the dance floor, but what about during dinner? Have your DJ or band do a test run to ensure that guests way over there can hear too.

If you’re ready to start “talking tent” for your big event, Party Pro Rents & Event is the one to call or email or visit online or in person. So many choices!

If you’d like to read more on Brides.com including this original article, you can click this whole sentence.


Party Pro at Spain with EB2

Morgan Wooldridge, an Event Coordinator at EB2 Events was so kind to send over some photos from Kelley and Jonathan’s Spain Ranch wedding and we’re really glad they did!

EB@ at Sapin Ranch with Party Pro

Party Pro Rents and Events outfitted the already gorgeous reception area with furniture and linens and turned this country venue into the super swanky Spain Lounge. A special thanks to Redeemed Productions for bringing a camera along, to Ever Something for their florals and Daniel Weir Designs for the groovy drapery.


Dressin’ it up at Dresser Mansion

Maegan & Mitchell are a very lucky couple. Not only did they get married very recently, but they got married at beautiful Dresser Mansion and had equally beautiful weather on the day of their wedding. But there’s more! Amanda from Picturesque Photos by Amanda captured amazing photos of their day and Party Pro adding in their elegant touches to make this gorgeous day even more perfect! I think it was a lucky day for everyone all around.

Party Pro Rents & Events at Dresser Mansion

Are you feeling lucky about your big day? I can tell you that when you call Party Pro and let them help you design your day, you’ll feel relieved, confident, excited AND lucky…because we’re here to help you make your day amazing. Give us a click and let’s get you started.


The Design Process – Interview with a Pro

Whitney Hewitt is a certified international event and wedding planner with Erica Weddings in Tulsa. In addition to having an impressive title, she also has an amazing eye for design and when you marry that design acumen to your wedding (did you catch that pun?), you get incredible results.

Erica Weddings-Gilcrease Wedding


Check out this post for more groovy photos from this event – Green with Envy 

I caught up with Whitney for a quick little interview on her process and some behind the scenes details on a recent wedding at Gilcrease Museum.

PP: How do you start the design process with a client? Do they have a vision or do you help them find one?

WH: If my client doesn’t already have a vision, I start the design process by asking a little bit about their home décor. It may seem strange to some but you’ll learn about if someone is a bit edgy, eclectic, classic, or vintage in style. Next, we typically talk about color palettes. If I have a bride that’s unsure on pairing colors, sometimes we hit up the paint sample swatch section of a local hardware store. (By the way, this works wonders for mismatching bridesmaid’s dresses!)

PP: This wedding at Gilcrease this Spring was like bringing the beauty of the Gilcrease garden indoors. How did that come about?

WH: The bride was really inspired by the beautiful tree line views from the wall of windows. She wanted to find a way to bring the outside in without being rustic. She mentioned to me that she wanted table design beyond just the flowers so we brought in the shades of green with the table runners and glassware from Party Pro Rents.

PP: What’s the biggest challenge for the brides who think they can “Pinterest” their way to the perfect wedding?

WH: Many brides have a difficult time envisioning more than one table on a room or the multiples of place settings. Pinterest can be great tool to see design played out on a small scale, however, a challenges I typically see is pulling all those details they like together in one large cohesive design and knowing where to find that cute candlestick or who can create a bouquet similar to that style.

PP: What’s your best advice to brides who are planning their wedding?

WH: Research your wedding pros before you book them. Check out their reviews online and ask around before booking someone. It seems simple but choosing the wrong vendor could really put a hiccup in your day. We might be biased but hiring a wedding planner that can alleviate your wedding planning stress should also be on the list.

Would you like to chat with Whitney some more and perhaps her plan your next soiree? Give her a shout by visiting Erica Weddings at Erica-Weddings.com or if you’d prefer to chat, 918-284-6974 or whitney@erica-weddings.com

Don’t forget to see the post with more photos from this event – Green with Envy 


So you think you can’t have a tent?

I know, you’re probably like me and thinking, “I can’t have a tent in my backyard, it’s sloped and it’ll never be level…or safe.” But then I personally went out and saw this tent in this big backyard and my opinion changed completely. This yard was anything but level and it had huge hill (we’re talking sled-riding hill), but did that stop the engineering geniuses at Party Pro? Nope, they had this baby perfectly level and rock solid (I went inside and jumped to test it).

If you’re considering a tent but didn’t think it was possible, time to call the pros at Party Pro Rents & Events…& Tents and they’ll take good care of you! Here, allow me to help you out , 918-622-8102 or Toll Free 877-622-8102 (do people still charge tolls?)

Tent on Stilts.jpg


Kaleigh and Owen at Spain Ranch

Amanda Bringham of Picturesque Photos by Amanda fame celebrates the fantastically country wedding of Kaleigh and Owen at the marvelously country Spain Ranch.

We we would also like to give a shout out to Daniel Weir Design for the gorgeous florals, drapes and design. Our cowboy hat is off to you!

Have you considered adding a little country to your event? Give us a call or check us out online and we’ll set you up with everything except the hat and boots…or let us know and we can find those too!



Annie Brady & MagPie Events

Wedding and event planners aren’t exactly what you might see on a reality TV show. They’re not always flamboyant (though they could be) and the events aren’t always  ridiculously over-the-top (though they feel like it). Neverthless, the job of a wedding and event planner is huge. They take one person’s vision and turn it into reality…on the greatest, most stressful day of their life (no pressure there).

Annie Brady is the creative mind behind MagPie Events here in Tulsa. Her mission is clear, Magpie Events specializes in meaningful event planning with the goal being an event that captures the dreams and imaginations of the client.

She does that very well and we wanted to go “behind the mind” of the creative process and see how Annie does what she does so well. So we asked her, “How does the magic happen?

I do a lot of stuff by feel, practically everything actually – friendship, raising children, what to wear, planning events, designing a look. What feels right, what feeling am I trying to create, what do I want others to feel.

So that means there are no specific rules, but there is somewhat of a formula:

First I ask a lot of questions, maybe annoyingly so…..”what’s your favorite color”, ‘what’s the first word that comes to mind to describe yourself” “any family traditions”, “when the event is over what are the 5 things you want to make sure happened” and on and on.

But by the end I usually have a pretty good idea of what “feels” like them. Then I look for ways to interpret those feelings into items that are available, like linens, tabletop items, décor….and I look A LOT.

But when I see it I usually know, sometimes I’m lucky and it comes early in the looking, sometimes it takes a while. Then I’m flexibly rigid, I stick with the process and the concept but realize things in my head aren’t always the same in reality, so I’m willing to admit to that and switch things around.

I get feedback from others and I pay attention to the details, that’s where the magic lies. Those details answer the questions: what makes someone feel welcome, special, celebrated. And then whatever the style I answer those questions.

Magpie Events.jpg

(Photos by Amy Herndon Photography)


Pictured is a MagPie Events recent wedding. I discovered the bride loved pink and was fanciful yet chic (by asking questions) We created a look that matched all of that.

We offered bottles of rose and champagne on the table so guests could pour themselves a glass should the feeling arise. We had sweet thank you notes tied in a striped bow for everyone, and a welcome appetizer on the table to grab a bite as you sat down.

It’s those details that communicate feelings of thankfulness and celebration, and that’s what MagPie Events is all about.

To contact Annie (and we think you certainly should), visit her online at AnnieBradyDesign.com and follow her on Instagram at MagPie Events


Never Been to Spain

Three Dog Night paid loving tribute to Oklahoma in their classic song, but little did they know that Spain would be one of the most classic wedding venues in Oklahoma…or more specifically, Spain Ranch in Jenks. Huge thanks again to Amanda Bringham at Picturesque for capturing the spirit of Spain Ranch for Taylor & Derek’s wedding.

Party Pro -Picturesque-Spain Ranch 10-16

Would you love to bring a little classic Oklahoma to your wedding or event? Party Pro Rents & Events has everything you need (and I do mean. EVERYTHING).