So you think you can’t have a tent?

I know, you’re probably like me and thinking, “I can’t have a tent in my backyard, it’s sloped and it’ll never be level…or safe.” But then I personally went out and saw this tent in this big backyard and my opinion changed completely. This yard was anything but level and it had huge hill (we’re talking sled-riding hill), but did that stop the engineering geniuses at Party Pro? Nope, they had this baby perfectly level and rock solid (I went inside and jumped to test it).

If you’re considering a tent but didn’t think it was possible, time to call the pros at Party Pro Rents & Events…& Tents and they’ll take good care of you! Here, allow me to help you out , 918-622-8102 or Toll Free 877-622-8102 (do people still charge tolls?)

Tent on Stilts.jpg