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Wedding and event planners aren’t exactly what you might see on a reality TV show. They’re not always flamboyant (though they could be) and the events aren’t always  ridiculously over-the-top (though they feel like it). Neverthless, the job of a wedding and event planner is huge. They take one person’s vision and turn it into reality…on the greatest, most stressful day of their life (no pressure there).

Annie Brady is the creative mind behind MagPie Events here in Tulsa. Her mission is clear, Magpie Events specializes in meaningful event planning with the goal being an event that captures the dreams and imaginations of the client.

She does that very well and we wanted to go “behind the mind” of the creative process and see how Annie does what she does so well. So we asked her, “How does the magic happen?

I do a lot of stuff by feel, practically everything actually – friendship, raising children, what to wear, planning events, designing a look. What feels right, what feeling am I trying to create, what do I want others to feel.

So that means there are no specific rules, but there is somewhat of a formula:

First I ask a lot of questions, maybe annoyingly so…..”what’s your favorite color”, ‘what’s the first word that comes to mind to describe yourself” “any family traditions”, “when the event is over what are the 5 things you want to make sure happened” and on and on.

But by the end I usually have a pretty good idea of what “feels” like them. Then I look for ways to interpret those feelings into items that are available, like linens, tabletop items, décor….and I look A LOT.

But when I see it I usually know, sometimes I’m lucky and it comes early in the looking, sometimes it takes a while. Then I’m flexibly rigid, I stick with the process and the concept but realize things in my head aren’t always the same in reality, so I’m willing to admit to that and switch things around.

I get feedback from others and I pay attention to the details, that’s where the magic lies. Those details answer the questions: what makes someone feel welcome, special, celebrated. And then whatever the style I answer those questions.

Magpie Events.jpg

(Photos by Amy Herndon Photography)


Pictured is a MagPie Events recent wedding. I discovered the bride loved pink and was fanciful yet chic (by asking questions) We created a look that matched all of that.

We offered bottles of rose and champagne on the table so guests could pour themselves a glass should the feeling arise. We had sweet thank you notes tied in a striped bow for everyone, and a welcome appetizer on the table to grab a bite as you sat down.

It’s those details that communicate feelings of thankfulness and celebration, and that’s what MagPie Events is all about.

To contact Annie (and we think you certainly should), visit her online at AnnieBradyDesign.com and follow her on Instagram at MagPie Events

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June’s Table of the Month (Interactive)

You can practically see yourself at this table with all your guests, laughing and toasting. It’s right out of a Hemingway novel, only much cooler.

This isn’t your ordinary image; poke around, slide around and notice that everything on this table has a link. Don’t worry about taking notes, we’ve done it for you. Enjoy the tour and of course, if you have any questions, give us a call (918) 622-8102 or even better, stop by and see this gorgeous table in person!